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modern etiquette, timeless tradition

founder’s philosophy

Our aim is to make modern etiquette accessible to individuals and corporations, by giving them the confidence to navigate through society and business. We aim to revitalize a needed, timeless tradition for people of all walks of life.

Maxine Sena Asimenu

Maxine Sena Asimenu our lead consultant is a Certified International Business Etiquette Consultant and Cross Cultural Specialist from Minding Manners International, UK. She presents a unique and contemporary approach to etiquette and believes it continues to be indispensable in our society.

Maxine has a Master of Arts in International Relations from the Durham University, UK and vast experience working as a Commercial Analyst with a multinational Oil and Gas company in in Ghana. She is also the Deputy CEO of Unique Floral Limited, Managing Director of ASDO Properties Limited and the Founder and Creative Director of Sterling Events and Management Limited. Through these varied roles, she has engaged with government authorities and other stakeholders within her field and has over a decade experience hosting high- profile events for individuals from diverse social and cultural backgrounds. Her passion for excellence and selfless approach in meeting everyday’s challenges led her to birth Manières Modernes.

The significance of manners, professionalism and respect for society continue to be Maxine’s undoubting principles.

Manières Modernes has therefore been designed for the everyday person to acquire the requisite skills, by offering courses that will not only elevate but also set one apart by exhibiting these essential life skill