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Dining and Social Etiquette

A comprehensive course on navigating through society with grace, style and respect. This includes a combination of table manners, styling, the art of conversation and carrying one’s self in a respectable manner. Remember… First impressions matter.

Corporate Etiquette

A bespoke course and excellent addition to formal on–the–job training. This course allows participants to hone in on the relevance of professionalism within the workplace and their businesses. It also provides lessons on interpersonal skills to place participants at an advantage in their chosen field of work.

youth etiquette

An interactive course tailored to our budding young ones, where they are taught the essence of grace, confidence, grooming, table manners and other social skills required to excel in society. Possessing this knowledge is an essential part of a child’s education, which will grant them an added advantage over their peers.

butler training

A course designed for the education of domestic staff, specifically House Managers and Butlers. This course teaches staff refined operating procedures required within the home. House Management is the core of this course.

international protocol

A course for the high–demand of proper protocol where participants learn skills such as official protocol and events organisation, international social and corporate etiquette and cultural awareness. This course is suited for individuals who work in international diplomatic circles, government and other public service.